Delpohs Senior Citizens Front

Delphos Senior Citizens, Inc.

The Delphos Senior Citizens, Inc. mission is to provide services to people 60 years and older that will improve their lives and help them live independently.  Established in 1975, they provide transportation, chore service, individual outreach, a meal site, activities and health assessments.  Delphos Senior Citizens, Inc. is fortunate to collaborate with many community partners in their efforts to assist Delphos area seniors such as: Delphos Fire Department, Community Health Professionals, Delphos Public Library, Delphos City Schools, Vancrest, The Meadows of Delphos, Delphos Hearing Aid Center and HCF Management.   They enjoy celebrating the Toast to the City, participating in the Canal Days parade and being a member of the Delphos Area Chamber of Commerce for publicity and referrals.

Delphos Senior Citizens, Inc.  is noted for their  van driver’s “door through door” service, helping individuals get their coat on and tie their shoes to get them where they need to be!  Their outreach specialist will not stop until he finds the answers you need!

Fun Fact:  You only have to be 60 years old to receiver services.  There is no membership fee or income requirement!

Thank you for your continued support of the Delphos Chamber of Commerce.  We value your membership and commitment to the Delphos Community!