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Welcome to The Chamber, Grey Fox Defense
Owned by Jeff Jacomet and Located at 207 S. Main St, Delphos, Grey Fox Defense provides a valuable community service by offering concealed carry permit classes on a frequent basis. In addition to concealed carry permit, Greyfox offers self-defense training hosted and instructed by industry veterans. Most training occurs onsite in their facility but Greyfox will travel to accommodate private classes at area businesses, churches and homes. Classes include, Intro to Handgun, Home Security/Defense, Advanced CCW, Safety/ Security Team, and Women’s Self-Defense. Greyfox is staffed with over 60 years of law enforcement experience in a variety of areas and makes a fun, yet educational training experience.
Photo: Lindsey Lane, Stacy Youtsey, Jen Nagel, Dick Clark, Jeff Jacomet, Teresa Bradstock, Jim Coons, Bill Johnson, Marnie Johnson, Angie Gable, Doug Vermillion and Matt Altenburger.